24 PIECE camper WOOD


This is our newest arrival in wooden containers. It is assorted to include two sizes. Large Camper (9x5), Small Camper (7x4.5) This has been one our most fun containers so far. The possibilities are endless with this container. Arrangement made by: The Old Homestead Market.

16 piece rustic daisy wood

Item# AF-CWOODHR52240

This is our fastest selling wooden container. It is assorted to include many different specialty containers. TV Photo Frame (10x4", 6" Deep) Window Box (6x3", 3.5" Deep, 14" Tall) Wheel Barrel (9.5x6", 17" Long) Small Rectangle (4x6.5" 6" Deep) Large Rectangle (11.5x4.5", 3.5 Deep) Small Round (6", 3.5" Deep) Large Round (7.5", 4" Deep) Arrangement by: Wishing Well Florist

14 piece white/chocolate wood


This is our best selling wooden container. It is assorted to include both white-wash and chocolate colors.Toolbox Openings (13" Tall, 10x4" Opening-11" Tall, 8x3.5" Opening) Rectangle (8x5", 10x5.5") Large Round (7.5x5") Small Round (5x4.5:) Round W/Handle (11"Tall 5x5.5")Arrangement by: Newport Florist

12 piece etched metal wood

Item# AF-WOODFI-5204

This assortment is made up of 5 Styles of wood with metal etching. The unique metal insert is etched in a beautiful floral landscape on each container. Toolbox Openings (15" Tall, 12x5" Opening-12" Tall, 10x4" Opening) Picket Container (15" Tall, 14x5" Opening-12" Tall, 12x4.5" Opening) Square (6x6") Square W/Handle (7x4", 8.5x4.5", 10x5.5") Rectangle (10x4.5", 11x5", 13x5.5") Arrangement by: Cherry Creek Floral

16 piece cedar blend containers

Item# AFWOOD-CW182500

This assortment is made up of 4 Styles of Cedar Blended Wooden Containers. The unique daisy flower is branded onto each piece of wood. Toolbox Openings (11x6, 10x4.5) Picket Container (Opening -14x7 16" Tall, Opening-10.5x5 14" Tall) Square (9x9 5" Deep, 7x7 4.5 Deep) Square W/Handle (8x8 6.5 Deep, 5.5x5.5 5.5 Deep)

20 piece blessed wooden containers


This assortment is a 20 piece assortment ranging in sizes from 6-10 inches. This assortment includes five styles
. Arrangement by: Creative Designs Flowers

12 piece rustic wooden containers

Item# AF-WOOD5032

This assortment is a 12 piece assortment with a large variety of styles and sizes. It includes lanterns, wood pieces, and a chalkboard container. Sizes range from 5-12"