12 piece etched metal wood

Item# AF-WOODFI-5204

This assortment is made up of 5 Styles of wood with metal etching. The unique metal insert is etched in a beautiful floral landscape on each container. Toolbox Openings (15" Tall, 12x5" Opening-12" Tall, 10x4" Opening) Picket Container (15" Tall, 14x5" Opening-12" Tall, 12x4.5" Opening) Square (6x6") Square W/Handle (7x4", 8.5x4.5", 10x5.5") Rectangle (10x4.5", 11x5", 13x5.5") Arrangement by: Cherry Creek Floral

16 piece cedar blend containers

Item# AFWOOD-CW182500

This assortment is made up of 4 Styles of Cedar Blended Wooden Containers. The unique daisy flower is branded onto each piece of wood. Toolbox Openings (11x6, 10x4.5) Picket Container (Opening -14x7 16" Tall, Opening-10.5x5 14" Tall) Square (9x9 5" Deep, 7x7 4.5 Deep) Square W/Handle (8x8 6.5 Deep, 5.5x5.5 5.5 Deep)

20 piece blessed wooden containers


This assortment is a 20 piece assortment ranging in sizes from 6-10 inches. This assortment includes five styles
. Arrangement by: Creative Designs Flowers

12 piece rustic wooden containers

Item# AF-WOOD5032

This assortment is a 12 piece assortment with a large variety of styles and sizes. It includes lanterns, wood pieces, and a chalkboard container. Sizes range from 5-12"